Who is Gokanagan? 

Well, it only took me about four years to do this, but I’ve finally done it! I’m Courtney! When I moved to the Okanagan in 2014, I wanted to know everything there was to know about this place. I wanted to know where to eat, where to shop, what hiking trails to seek out. I wanted to know what was going on across the valley from one day to the next, but there was no one place to go for all that information. Restaurant reviews, especially, were few and far between. Even when I did find a website with some of the information I was looking for, it would be spotty and incomplete.

In the time since then, I have discovered so much about this valley that has surprised me. There are things to do, places to see and restaurants to dine at that I simply had no idea existed and I would not have known if it weren’t for simple word-of-mouth. None of these helpful tips for Okanagan residents are online, really. You just have to hope you get to know someone who knows! Four years later, and this situation has not improved all that much. So, I’ve finally jumped on it and decided to do at least part of it myself.

GOkanagan is my answer to the extreme lack of restaurant reviews in the Okanagan Valley. It's where residents and visitors alike can come to find out where to eat and things to do . We’re going to take you all over the valley and back and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any ideas for places we need to cover, drop us a line at

I am also a graphic designer and I love making pretty things on my computer, so I put together a local pride t-shirt shop for you. Email us at the address above if you have a t-shirt, idea, too!

Who Am I?

I am Courtney Heard. I’m a mother of four, two of whom have four legs. I was born and raised in Richmond, BC. I’ve lived in Australia, Mexico and Canada and I write, design and make art.

I have an extensive background as a blogger with specific attention to society/culture and financial topics. I enjoyed writing about these subjects very much, but if there’s one thing I can never stop gushing about, it’s my home in the Okanagan. I absolutely love living here and as I’ve said to each and every one of you that I’ve met: I won’t ever leave. You’ll have to drag me out kicking and screaming before I ever relocate again.

I am well-travelled and I intend on travelling more, but I will always be an Okanagan resident. I’ve lived in and visited a lot of places, but none come even close to comparing to this gorgeous valley in British Columbia.

What is GOkanagan?

GOkanagan is a for-profit venture based in Summerland, British Columbia, covering the entirety of the Okanagan Valley. You won’t find much in the way of news here unless a new pho joint opens up on the Naramata Bench or a new festival is being announced in Vernon. Here, we talk food, fun, family and where to frolick with Fido.


Our Goals:

  • To provide information on where to eat in the valley, which dining options are family-friendly, wallet-friendly, vegan-friendly and more.

  • To provide information on what to do and see in the valley with your family and furbabies.

  • To promote and highlight local businesses and ingredients.

  • To use our platform for good, particularly the sort of good that will improve the health and well-being of our beautiful environment and the creatures who inhabit it.

Tips we love:

  • Dog-friendly parks, businesses, places to stay, etc.

  • Family-friendly hiking trails.

  • Vegan and vegetarian dishes to die for, either recipes, or prepared at your favourite establishments.

  • Local businesses who deserve a shoutout!

If you think you have tips like this or any others that might be a good fit on, please let us know at: